GIS Maps

Welcome to the Adams County Assessor’s Office /GIS page.¬† Adams County Assessor’s Office is dedicated to GIS Services in order to better serve the public. We value your feedback. Your feedback provides us the opportunity to improve the quality and usability¬† of this page. You may contact us here.

Adams County FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map

FEMA updated the Adams County map in 2021. The new data was released in March, 2021.

Adams County Parcels

Parcel Data is updated regularly in the Assessor’s Office. This map provides public information about property in Adams County. Please, don’t hesitate to contact the GIS office if you need some direction on using the map. (Support for this map is provided by the GIS office at the Idaho State Tax Commission.)

Tax Code Areas

This map takes time to load. It is provided by the Idaho State Tax Commission. District boundary changes and annexations are submitted by the counties throughout the year. Those changes take effect the next calendar year. Use the search bar for your location and click on the layer icon in the upper right hand corner. Choose the layers you would like to see.