Adams County Planning & Zoning Meeting

April 19, 2010 7:30 p.m.

Adams County Courthouse



Present Absent Guests

Ferrel Crossley Donna Campbell Jerry Lee Carissa Sindon

Micki Eby Brad Dreyer Jim Frome

Christy Ward Jeff Batten Bob Crawford

Gordon Keetch Pam Murphy

Bill Shore Don Horton

Penny Fisk

Chairman Ferrel Crossley called the regular meeting of the Adams County Planning Commission to order at 7:32 p.m. on April 19, 2010, in the courtroom of the Adams County Courthouse. Chairman Crossley announced it was time for consideration on an application to rezone 110 acres from ATG to R-1. Jim Frome, Secesh Engineering, Inc. gave a quick review of the project. He said there would be 5 lots ranging in size from 11 to 34 acres. The company feels it will fit well in the area. Jeff Batten said they had been working with him and had dug test holes. Commission members discussed concerns about access and allowing an R-1 zone in the middle of an ATG zone. It was pointed out that the county requires property owned by the landowner must have a deeded right of way. Gordon Keetch moved that the Adams County Planning Commission recommend to the Adam County Commissioners, that the zoning change from ATG to R-1 not be approved and that the Adams County Commissioners recommend to the property owners to consider a Planned Unit Development. Bill Shore seconded the motion, which passed. Gordon Keetch, Bill Shore, Brad Dryer, and Micki Eby voted in favor of the motion and Ferrel Crossley, Christy Ward, and Donna Campbell voted against the motion.


Chairman Crossley recessed the regular meeting and opened the public hearing for the Blue Bunch Hills PUD. Bob Crawford said the property is 3 miles down South End Road. There is a total 371 acres, some of which is timbered land. There will be 8 parcels, all more than 40 acres. Neighboring property owners are large ranches and the Walker Subdivision. There will be underground power and telephone lines. They are working with SWHD on the septic and roads will meet county standards. They are working on a fire mitigation plan and there is a large pond available for fire suppression. A fence maintenance agreement with each neighbor will be signed. There are 3 different access points to the property. The main road into Blue Bunch Hills would become a county road, if the county commissioners agree. The developers are hoping that paving the road, could take place as development happens. There is about mile of gravel road, before you come to the PUD. Chairman Crossley asked for public comment, but there was none. The consideration was set for May 17, 2010 at 7:30 pm.


Chairman Crossley announced it was time for the public hearing on a conditional use permit to allow Bear Creek Lodge to rent snowmobiles and to give snowmobile lessons. No one from Bear Creek Lodge was available. Don explained they wanted to use the restaurant and lodge to host groups of snowmobilers, to give lessons, and to rent snowmobiles. There was some discussion of where the snowmobiles would enter the public lands and if they would be crossing the highway. Jeff said he had a concern about whether this might overload the existing septic system Chairman asked for anyone wishing to make public comment, but there was no one so he adjourned the hearing, set the consideration for May 17th at 7:45 pm, and reconvened the regular meeting.


Chairman Crossley announced it was time to discuss a variance request made by James & Lorna Gleason. The property is 6 acres and has two homes on it. Don explained Mr. & Mrs. Gleason cannot get financing without a legal description for each home. The homes were not built before 1988. Both homes have existing permits for septic systems and wells. Don said he felt the precedent had already been set because there were so many small acreages in the area. Gordon Keetch moved that the variance be approved since the two homes have been there for so long and because small acreages are common in this area. Christy Ward seconded the motion, which passed with all 7 members presenting voting in favor of the motion.


Jeff Batten said he had nothing new for the commission.

Don Horton said he had nothing new. Commission members discussed their desire for some training. Don said he would look into it and asked commission members to provide him a list of topics they would like a speaker to cover.


Gordon Keetch moved that the minutes be approved as submitted. Brad Dryer seconded the motion, which passed with all 7 members present voting in favor of it.


Chairman Crossley adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m. The next meeting will be held on May 17, 2010 in the courtroom of the Adams County Courthouse.




Penny Fisk,

P&Z Secretary