History of Adams County

A brief history of our County and Cities

Price Valley & Tamarack

Price Valley and Tamarack. are located on Highway 95 between Council and New Meadows. The earliest structure built in the Price Valley area was a mail cabin which was built in the early 1870s. A favorite camping and fishing spot, by 1904 it also sported a stage station and saloon. Before 1910 a sawmill was established, followed by the arrival of a railroad depot, loading platform, truck scale and siding. The first post office was established in 1911 and was named “Tamarack.” More residents arrived and a school was built.

By 1913 there were four sawmills in operation but many people moved from the area during World War II and although a small boom came to the area in 1945, a slowdown returned and the post office was finally replaced by a mail route from New Meadows.

Today one remaining scaled-back mill processes some timber and operates a power generating plant.