History of Adams County

A brief history of our County and Cities

New Meadows

New Meadows (3,865 feet) is named for the lovely meadows where it is located. (There was already a Meadows community.) It is located at the junction of Idaho highways 55 and 95. Settlement began in 1864. In 1878 it was called Whites Mail Station.

In 1910 the north terminal for the P&IN (Pacific & Idaho Northern) Railroad was to be located at Meadows. However, due to a dispute between community officials and the president of the company, Edgar M. Heigho, the line was built one and a half miles east of Meadows and the place was named “New Meadows.” Heigho was instrumental in designing the town’s layout. Several streets are named after his wife and children. The post office was established in 1911.

Today New Meadows continues to thrive. The town is home to a US Forest Service Ranger Station, has a fire department, ambulance and emergency medical technicians, airport services, and several businesses which serve not only the local population, but also travelers, tourists, and sportsmen as well.



Sue Weber’s fifth grade class started out raking leaves at Packer John’s Cabin State Park on May 18th, 2018.

This is what the students had to say about a project that started with a question by a member of the Adams County Historical Society:  “Mrs. Linnea Hall asked Sue if her class would like to make interpretive signs about the history of New Meadows and her students all voted “yes”.  Then we took a walk on Halloween to the depot to find our subject.”

In 2019, the class visited with the Adams County Board of Commissioners, who approved funds from the County Parks and Rec Fund for the project, which came to approximately $2,800.00.

“Next, we went on a website called Lucidpress to make our signs, with Adams County Historical Society’s help.  Finally, we finished our signs and installed them at the cabin.  As a celebration in May 2019, we will be camping out at the cabin with our families at the end of the school year.”

Photos of the students with their signs and two of the commissioners can be seen here.