History of Adams County

A brief history of our County and Cities


Fruitvale is located just north of Council near where the West Fork of the Weiser River enters the Main Weiser. Initially the area was known as “West Fork.” The first residents are believed to have settled in the area in 1883. The area was along an active wagon train trail.

When a post office was established in 1909, the name it was given was “Lincoln.” It was soon renamed “Fruitvale.” Perhaps because of the booming fruit industry in the Council area. The first Fruitvale store, owned by the Lincoln Lumber Company, was probably established in 1909 and probably housed the post office.

At one time Fruitvale was home to lumber operations and the P&IN (Pacific & Idaho Northern) railroad built a siding at the mill. It also had a grange, stores, churches, blacksmith, real estate agency, hotel, school, and a newspaper called the “Fruitvale Echo.”

Fruitvale is now serviced by the Council post office and schools, and the community is comprised of private residences.