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County Extension Office

Department Head:
Tyanne Freeburg
Mail To:

Adams County Cooperative Extension Service
203-1/2 S. Galena
PO Box 43
Council, ID 83612


(208) 253-4279

(208) 253-4578
Office Hours:

(Approximate) 8:30 am -  5:00 pm - Please call first!



Mission Statement

The Cooperative Extension System helps people improve the social, economic, and environmental qualities of their lives through research-based education and leadership development focused on issues and needs.

Together, Extension professionals work with the people of Idaho to address agricultural, natural resource, youth, family, community and environmental issues. Collaborative relationships with countless agencies, groups, and individuals make possible a vast array of innovative educational programs.

Extensions purpose is practical education for Americans to use in dealing with the critical issues that have an impact on their lives and the nation’s future.

*E-Mail or call us with your questions, we’ll find the answers for you!

Base Programs:



Links of Interest:

UI  Extension Home page:
UI Catalog "Resources" site:
UI Seedling:

Adams Soil & Water Conservation District:

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County Government Structure

I. Assessor    
  A. Appraiser  
  B. Motor Vehicles  
  C. Mapping  
II. Clerk-Auditor-Recorder    
  A. Clerk  
    1. Clerk of the District Court
    2. Clerk of Board of Commissioners
    3. Chief Elections Officer
  B. Auditor: Chief Budget and Accounting Office  
  C. Recorder  
    1. Marriage Licenses
    2. Passports
III. Board of Commissioners A. Building Department  
    1. Planning and Zoning
    2. Emergency Management
    3. Rural Addressing
  B. Road and Bridge Department

    1. Construction and Maintenance
    2. Snow Plowing
    3. Landfill Recycling
  C. Solid Waste Department  
    1. Landfill
    2. Transfer Stations
    3. Recycling
  D. Weed Control  
  E. Public Defender's Office  
  F. County Boards - Appointment of members to Ambulance, Fair, Historical Preservation Commission, and Parks boards
IV. Coroner    
V. County Extension Agent    
VI. Sheriff    
  A. Chain of Command: Sheriff > Undersheriff > Captain > Lieutenant > Sergeant > Deputies
  B. Jail  
  C. Patrol Division  
  D. Civil Service  
  E. Emergency Services  
  F. Search & Rescue  
  G. Driver's Licenses and State ID Cards  
VII. Third Judicial Court    
VIII. Probation    
  A. Adult  

B. Juvenile
 IX. Treasurer

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Elected Officials - County and State

The Idaho Constitution provides for the election every four years of an assessor, a clerk-auditor-recorder, a coroner, a sheriff, and a treasurer.

In addition, the Idaho Code includes three county commissioners in the list of county officials required for county government. Two county commissioners serve two-year terms and the third serves a four-year term. The four-year-term alternates between the commissioners, based on the number of the district each represents.

The elected officials for Adams County are:

Assessor: Stacy Swift Dreyer:
Clerk-Auditor-Recorder: Sherry Ward
Coroner: Susan Warner:
Sheriff: Ryan Zollman
Christy Wilson:

Dist. #1 Joe Holmes
Dist. #2 Mike Paradis
Dist. #3 William Brown

Governor: C. L. "Butch" Otter
Office of the Governor
700 West Jefferson, 2nd Floor
Boise ID 83702
Ph: (208) 334-2100
Fax: (208) 334-3454

Legislators – 9th District

Senator: Monty Pearce
2001 County Line Road
New Plymouth ID 83655
Ph: (208) 278-0189
Fax: (208) 278-0189

Representatives: Lawerence E. Denney - House Seat A
PO Box 114
Midvale ID 83645
Ph: (208) 355-2374
Fax: 355-3334

Judy Boyle (R) - House Seat B
District 9
2301 Valley Rd., Midvale, 83645
Home (208) 355-3225
Bus (208) 631-2123
FAX (208) 355-3225

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Health Services

Adams County Health Center
Mail To:

205 N. Berkeley
PO Box 428
Council, ID 83612


(208) 253-4242

(208) 253-6849
Office Hours:

8:30 – 12:30; 1:30 – 5:30; Monday - Friday

The Adams County Health Center (ACHC) was designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center effective December 1, 2004 and seeks to provide high quality health care services to residents of Adams County and the surrounding area, regardless of social or economic status. Home to approximately 3,500 residents and encompassing 1,365 square miles, the county is designated as a Primary Care, Dental and Mental Health Professional Shortage Area, as well as a Medically Undeserved Population area.

The ACHC acts as an entry point for health care services to a community that encompasses a fairly large rural area of Adams County. Since the county itself has no resident physicians or hospital facilities the ACHC is one of the main sources of primary care services to the county’s residents.

The nearest hospitals are located approximately one hour to the north and sound of Council. Tertiary referral is handled about 130 miles away. Major trauma cases are routinely stabilized within 30 to 60 minutes from the time of arrival to transport to a trauma center. Transportation is handled by air and ground ambulance service, depending on the severity of the case.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Health Links:

Southwest District Health
Idaho Health

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Public Defender

The Public Defender provides legal representation as a court-appointed attorney for indigent clients in adult and juvenile criminal cases, for selected civil cases, and for children and their families in Child Protective hearings.

Applications to receive this representation must be made to the Third District Court in the Adams County Courthouse. A judge must approve the request.

The Public Defender for Adams County is Tim Felton (208) 414-3763.

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Road and Bridge

Department Head:
Tommy Glenn
Mail To:

201 N. Main
PO Box 48
Council, ID 83612


(208) 253-4203 - Council
(208) 256-4401 - Indian Valley
(208) 347-2117 - New Meadows

(208) 253-4880
Office Hours:

7:00 am - 3:30 pm; Monday - Friday (Winter)
7:00 am - 5:30 pm; Monday - Thursday (Summer)


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Solid Waste and Recycling

Goodrich Landfill
The Landfill is located 2 miles west on Goodrich Rd from Highway 95, just south of the Middle Fork of the Weiser River.

It accepts household, garden and construction waste, surplus paint, plus dead animals. There is an extra fee for tires and appliances using freon.

New Meadows Transfer Site
The Transfer Sit is located on Transfer Site Road, about a mile west of New Meadows off Hwy 95.

It accepts household and garden waste and surplus paint. There is an additional fee for tires, construction waste, junk cars, freezers and refrigerators, and bulky items.

Landfill/Transfer Site Hours
The Goodrich Landfill:
Closed Wednesday & Thursday
Operation Hours: 10:30a to 5:30p 
Winter Hours: 9:30a to 4:30p

The New Meadows Transfer Site:
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Operation Hours: 10:00a to 6:00p 
Winter Hours: 9:00a to 5:0p

Recycling Centers are located in Council and New Meadows. Both Centers are open every day, 24 hours, 365 days a year.

The Council Recycle Center is located at the intersection of North Galena Street and Boise Cascade Avenue.

The Heartland Recycle Center in New Meadows is located on North Commercial St between Katherine and McLain.

Both accept cans (aluminum and steel), plastics (nos. 1 and 2), newspapers, phone books, cardboard, magazines, paper (white color, shredded, slick coating, mixed paper waste), glass (green, white and brown), and used oil.

The Council Center accepts used anti-freeze.

Indian Valley Dumpster Site also accepts used oil and anti-freeze.

Libby Electric, in New Meadows, and Jerry’s Auto Parts, in Council, accept used batteries without charge.

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Weed Control

Department Head:
Dave Herold
Mail To:

101 Boise Cascade Avenue (next to Recycle and Road & Bridge Shop)
PO Box 358
Council, ID 83612


(208) 253-4669 Office
(208) 741-0449 Cell  

(208) 253-4670
Office Hours:

8:00 am - 4:30 pm; Monday - Friday

MOTTO: Let's Pull Together Against Noxious Weeds!

The Adams County Weed Department is dedicated to serving the landowners of Adams County. By working together we can identify, form a plan of action, and treat any noxious weeds that have invaded the lands of our county.

Noxious weeds are vandals that destroy the production capacity, the property value, the recreational value and the natural beauty of the land. We cannot afford to let them spread unhindered over our properties.

Section 22-2407 of the Idaho Code states:

(1) It shall be the duty and responsibility of all landowners to control noxious weeds on their land and property, in accordance with this chapter and with rules promulgated by the director.
(2) The cost of controlling noxious weeds shall be the obligation of the landowner.
(3) The cost charged by Adams County Weed Control to spray weeds on private property, established by the Board of Commissioners, is as follows:

Cost of Product

The Adams County Weed Department and the landowners of this County are fortunate to have an advisory board consisting of landowners and land managers: The Adams Cooperative Weed Management Area Advisory Board. Through the assistance of this board we have been able to apply for grants and cost share moneys to help the residents of Adams County in treating noxious weeds. As an example: we have purchased some weed treatment equipment with Idaho Department of Agriculture cost share funds. This equipment is available for loan to any Adams County landowner. At this time we have a 110-gallon skid tank spray unit, with boom spray nozzles, hose reel and hand gun, 3 spray units for use with an ATV and 7 backpack sprayers.

The Advisory Board welcomes and encourages participation from all landowners within the County. CWMA Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 3:00 pm at 101 Boise Cascade Avenue in Council. Visitors are always welcome.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact us at the above address. Also, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture has a weed site that deals with many topics connected with noxious weeds:

The following presentation was given in 2013 by the weed supervisor of the funds the county received for the 4-year project.

USFS ARRA Wildland Fire Management Grant (2mb Adobe Reader Pdf file)

ARRA and Adams County Weed Control (15mb Microsoft Powerpoint Slide Show - use your keyboard left and right arrow keys to navigate through the pages)

You need Powerpoint on your computer or you can download/install a free Microsoft Powerpoint viewer from here)

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